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Wisdom of the Week

"Our humanity is proven by good deeds."

Para Upakara

The poet William Wordsworth wrote the beautiful poem entitled "The Rainbow". The last two lines of the poem are gems of poetic wisdom:


"The child is the father of the Man;

And I could wish my days to be,

Bound each to other by natural piety."


Wordsworth describes what he learned and experienced in his childhood guided as an adult to experience a continuum of natural piety. This implies that in the future, he may also be bonded with others whose "natural piety" is the quality of religious devotion for God.


Natural piety every day becomes a reality if we follow the culture of acting for the welfare of others by teaching them the inestimable value of love and devotion to God. This is expressed in the Sanskrit proverb "Para Upakara - do good for the benefit of all". 


What is the highest good one can do? It is to gift a person with the highest truth of reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all. The highest truth is our eternal relationship with God (Krishna) which uproots all suffering and raises one to a permanent life of eternity, bliss, and knowledge. It begins by learning to do good deeds for the welfare of all by getting relatives and friends holy gifts.


There are 6 ways to express love:

  1. Giving charity to devotees

  2. Accepting from devotees whatever they may offer

  3. Opening one's mind to devotees

  4. Inquiring from them about confidential service of the Lord

  5. Honoring Prasada or spiritual food, given by devotees

  6. Feeding devotees with Prasada

This is a "Give and Take" policy that can be extended to all people beginning by devotees who always practice giving Prasada to receptive persons + gradually instruct how they can give in return according to the above-mentioned 6 exchanges of spiritual love.


All humanity practices this "Give and Take" custom in an impure way. If they can be trained to do this "Give and Take" policy in a spiritual way, the whole world can transform into the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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